Letters to a guitar player

You wrote the soundtrack to my life!

I told our story to my new friends the other day and I mentioned this song. They wanted to hear it, so I had to listen to it and translate it for them. And the whole day yesterday I was smiling.

Oh crap, even on the other side of the world, you still manage to wake up the butterflies in my stomach.

The Album Leaf

—The Light

Stumbled across this today. And it burned my heart.

It’s perfect and totally you!

You’ve been on my mind for the last couple of days! And then I saw your video and now I can’t stop thinking about everything -.- This song is from an amazing album by Toni Braxton, which made me think of our story the moment I first heard it.


So this is my new blog. I’m sort of done with the whole “getting over a guy” thing. It lasted for 2 most painful years of my life and although a part of me will probably always love him and miss him and never be okay with the fact that it didn’t work out, I have to move on with my life and focus on positive sides of it. I also wanted to try something new so I have a You Tube channel where you can watch me do some funny stuff.

And now you get to see who I am. :) Thanks for the follows and re-posts, hope to see you on my new journey and on my new blog.

And to the guitar player - if you ever see this, know that you were the most perfect thing that ever happened to me. I will forever be grateful for all the memories we shared.

Thinking about this time 2 years ago still makes me sick to my stomach :(