Letters to a guitar player

You wrote the soundtrack to my life!

It’s perfect and totally you!

You’ve been on my mind for the last couple of days! And then I saw your video and now I can’t stop thinking about everything -.- This song is from an amazing album by Toni Braxton, which made me think of our story the moment I first heard it.


So this is my new blog. I’m sort of done with the whole “getting over a guy” thing. It lasted for 2 most painful years of my life and although a part of me will probably always love him and miss him and never be okay with the fact that it didn’t work out, I have to move on with my life and focus on positive sides of it. I also wanted to try something new so I have a You Tube channel where you can watch me do some funny stuff.

And now you get to see who I am. :) Thanks for the follows and re-posts, hope to see you on my new journey and on my new blog.

And to the guitar player - if you ever see this, know that you were the most perfect thing that ever happened to me. I will forever be grateful for all the memories we shared.

Thinking about this time 2 years ago still makes me sick to my stomach :(

You always sneak up on me like a shadow that becomes visible when you least expect it. You can see that I thought I was okay, finally able to let it go.

And then Sara saw you tonight and she mentioned your name.

I’m not getting over you. Don’t worry!